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Technical Audit

Technical Audit of CPD's

Our work method, always adaptable to the clients needs...

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Design & Build

Design & Build of CPD's

EMERALD provides Design and Construction services for Data Processing Centres and Technical Rooms...

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Power Optimization

Power Optimization of CPD's

EMERALD is aware of the fact that CPDs are some of the greatest power consumers...

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After-sales Services

After-sales Services of CPD's

EMERALD provides After-Sales Services for Data Centers and Technical Rooms...

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Power Optimization of CPD's

In EMERALD is aware of the fact that CPDs are some of the greatest power consumers; they consume nearly 2 % of the power used all over the country.

A few years ago, in the CPD Design and Facilities there used to be no excessive preoccupation for the consumption demanded by these Facilities and the quantity of CO2 released in the atmosphere, more guarantee for continuity rather than efficiency was demanded.

Nowadays, with the tendency of greater power consumption on Servers, the need for a CPD efficiency-improvement policy is a fact.

EMERALD provides power optimization services for the global study of the energy demand and assessment of alternatives allowing the reduction of the consumption and costs of the power necessary for Data Processing Centres and Technical Rooms.

>> Architectural Optimization
  • Optimal Location, Orientation and Distribution
  • High Insulation Enclosures
  • Facility Waterproofing
  • CPD Scalability
  • Distribution of Rooms Classified by Voltage
  • Room Overhead Clearance, Optimal for Air Circulation
  • Spacious raised floors with little occupancy.
  • Creation of return air Plenum
  • Cold-Hot Corridor Enclosures
>> Electric Efficiency
  • Substation efficiency
  • Optimal Electrical Line Distributions
  • Reduction of Voltage Drops in Transmission Lines
  • Electrical Panel Resizing and Balancing
  • Electrical Consumption Visualization
  • Harmonic Filters
  • Reactive Power Compensation
  • Efficient and Scalable Uninterruptible Power Supply Units
  • Lighting Power-up Control
  • Optimal Lighting Distribution
  • Constant Measurement and Analysis of the Power Usage Effectiveness
>> Air Conditioning Optimization
  • Distribution of Cold Corridors and Hot Corridors
  • Raised Floor criterion ‘only for air’
  • Possibility for Guided Returns
  • Corridor Flexible Enclosure
  • Air By-pass point identification
  • Grid Adjustment, Orientation and Distribution
  • Direct High Density Rack Treatment
  • Separate High-Dissipation Rooms
  • Real-Situation Thermal Simulations
  • Avoid Equipment Rotation and Idle Equipment
  • Increase Working Temperature
  • Speed-Adjustment Engines
  • Use of Water Free Cooling
  • Use of Direct or Indirect Air Free Cooling
  • Optimal Functioning of the Control System
>> Electrical Power Supply Optimization
  • Optimization of the Power Sale-Purchase activity
  • Access to the Power Sale Daily Market
  • Power control and real-time consumption assessment
  • Commissioning of power-surveillance systems
  • Electrical bill analysis
>> Related Alternative Energies
  • Trigeneration, Gas or Waste systems = Heat + Power + Cold (Absorption)
  • Solar Energy Utilization Intervals
  • Aeolian System Adaptation
  • Fuel Cell Power Generation
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