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With over 20 years of experience, Emerald Telecom and Data Center S.A. is nowadays a benchmark in the field of Construction of Data Centers (DPC) all over Europe.

We provide Services adapted to the complexity of this Type of facilities based on our experience, knowledge and highly qualified staff.

In Emerald, we approach the Construction Data Centers (CPD),, Housing and Hosting Centers, Telecommunications Station, Switching Centers, Call Center, Television Studies, Cleanning Rooms and Laboratories, Facilities marked with “MISSION CRITICAL FACILITIES”, for which the continuous functioning is critical for the importance of their work.

Apart from the construction of Data Centers (CPD), Emerald also offers related services, such as: Technical Audit Services, Design for Data Centers, Power Supply Optimization and Facilities Management.

Our Work Ethic Is :

  • Client loyalty and optimal satisfaction.
  • Client / Provider Partnership.
  • Flexibility and Adept to Client's Priorities.
  • Local Technical and Political Knowledge.
  • Successful Record in TeleCo Market.

construction of Data Centers (CPD), one of our missions is to identify and to adapt the best technical solutions that can reduce both the energy consumption and the CO2 emissions into the atmosphere.

We share the experience of our team. We worked for very important clients in Spain.

Pulsa para ver el certificado AENOR 14001 Pulsa para ver el certificado AENOR 9001 Pulsa para ver el certificado AENOR 18001 Address
- Avda. de Córdoba, 21 Planta 2 Oficina 1
28026 Madrid T. 91 304 25 00 - F. 91 827 94 8
- Travesera de Gracia, 15 4ª 1ª Desp.1
08021 Barcelona - T. 609 630 272


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