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Technical Audit

Technical Audit of CPD's

Our work method, always adaptable to the clients needs...

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Design & Build

Design & Build of CPD's

EMERALD provides Design and Construction services for Data Processing Centres and Technical Rooms...

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Power Optimization

Power Optimization of CPD's

EMERALD is aware of the fact that CPDs are some of the greatest power consumers...

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After-sales Services

After-sales Services of CPD's

EMERALD provides After-Sales Services for Data Centers and Technical Rooms...

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Design & Build of CPD's

EMERALD provides Design and Construction services for Data Processing Centres and Technical Rooms:

Design: Including the following works:

  • Feasibility studies.
  • Location selection and management
  • RFP analysis
  • TIER classification consultancy
  • Leed Certification Approach
  • Distribution Preliminary Plans and Versions
  • Basic project
  • Performance projects:
    • Architecture and Civil Works.
    • Electrical installations.
    • Mechanical Facilities.
    • Fire protection facilities.
    • Safety facilities.
  • Safety and Health Projects.
  • License Application and Achievement.

Construction: Emerald provides to its Clients the possibility to build their own CPD with the different Contracting Models existing on the Market.

Contracting models:

>> ‘Turnkey’ performance
Emerald manages the whole Project, from the beginning to the delivery of the CPD to the Client fully ready to host the IT Equipment, always under a Planned Commitment.
>> Management Contracting
In this Construction modality, all costs, are ‘on the table, Open Books’, and the Client has the option of direct purchase of the equipment, after getting consultancy from Emerald on the best technical and economic option.
>> CPD Financing
  • A) Existing CPD

    • Purchase of the current CPDl
    • Audit it
    • Implement energy-optimization measures. PUE<1.5
    • CPD rent for 10-15-20 years
    • Included services:
      • Installation maintenance
      • CPD effectiveness
      • IT operations
  • B) New CPD

    • Location selection
    • Design and construction
    • CPD rent for 10-15-20 years
    • Included services:
      • Installation maintenance
      • Guaranteed-price energy
      • IT operations

The works developed by EMERALD are the following:

>> Integral Architectural Conditioning
The different construction systems shall be adapted to the CPD needs.
We must mention for the High Security CPDs, the combined-protection precincts, high material consistent and high electromagnetic, physical and fire safety systems. .
>> Electrical facilities

Medium voltage facilities where the Power generators and RED-GRUPO switching is made in medium voltage.

Main prefab transmission lines, where the safety and waterproof of the facility is important. .

Low-voltage Electrical Panels up to 6300 Ampers with different internal distribution forms varying from Form 1ª to Form 4 C, where the internal physical distribution between compartments, cabling and connections is Total, with high handling safety degrees.

Mostly extractable electrical protections to provide the possibility of warm replacement, without panel voltage drops, providing safety and flexibility to this Part of the facility that is so important.

Emerald believes that electrical panel Data monitoring is crucial in the panel design for an electrical consumption control, including in the Final Distribution Panels PDUs, where we can integrate a consumption reading for each output individually and integrated in the Control System.

The different existing Uninterruptible Power Supply units are adaptable depending on the CPD magnitude, flexibility and growth and the response time from the Facility Network Switching operations.

Among the conventional static systems, worth mentioning are the Modular Systems of 10, 20, 30, 40 and 50 kVA, that can be expanded in the same UPS cabinet to 250 kVA without System Voltage Drops. Ideal for average CPDs with scalable growth.

The dynamic UPS units whose functioning is based on the kinetic power storage through an inertia system is an alternative to the use of conventional-battery UPS units.

These systems are worth mentioning for their little maintenance and precise coordination with the ancillary supply switching systems.

> Mechanical Facilities.

Emerald studies various air conditioning Systems and is always looping for the best technical and economical option adapted to the CPD.

The installation of one system or another depends on the size, space availability, accesses, geographical location and other factors limiting the choice of the system.

  • Air-refrigerated direct expansion systems
  • Water-refrigerated direct expansion systems (Dry Cooler)
  • Water-cooling systems with Free Cooling option
  • Mixed Systems with separate cooling units, direct expansion and water system.
  • Indirect fee Cooling systems, through exchangers
  • Direct air Free Cooling systems
  • Absorption-machine water systems
> Fire protection facilities

The advanced early fire detection systems must install CPDs, as their high sensitivity and Fast response provide an efficient fire preventive action

The use of new inert and synthetic gases, such as NOVEC, which are innocuous for people and the environment is part of the facilities built by Emerald.

The choice of the gas depends on the costs and availability of the spaces for the location of gases.

Worth mentioning are water-mist extinguishing systems as an alternative to gas extinguishing Systems that have a higher initial installation cost and lower repairs cost, that’s why it is advisable for big CPDs where each discharge may suppose a high repairs cost.

Other complementary systems such as the smoke-washing Systems are Systems that avoid the distribution of smoke through the facility in case of fire, through a suction system and pipeline route through the raised floor extracting smoke fast as residual water.

> Safety Facilities.

Systems against intrusion, Closed Circuit Television Systems (CCTV), Advanced Biometric Technology Access Control Systems, Highly precise dew point detection systems and in general any facility that helps the functioning of the CPD are starting to be used more and more nowadays.

The access control systems interconnected to the lighting Systems provide the power-on and off of the rooms in order to save power.

> Tests and start-up.

With a Test Protocol Standard, Emerald tests and checks that all facilities operate correctly and the facility power rate is real. Worth mentioning are the following:

  • Real UPS discharge tests
  • Real Air conditioning load tests.
  • Switching test
  • Emergency System Checks
  • Extinguishing Gas Discharge
> Final documentation and certification of the facilities.

Emerald’s rule is to fully document and certify all performed facilities, including the follow-up and necessary formalities with official bodies.

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