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Technical Audit

Technical Audit of CPD's

Our work method, always adaptable to the clients needs...

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Design & Build

Design & Build of CPD's

EMERALD provides Design and Construction services for Data Processing Centres and Technical Rooms...

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Power Optimization

Power Optimization of CPD's

EMERALD is aware of the fact that CPDs are some of the greatest power consumers...

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After-sales Services

After-sales Services of CPD's

EMERALD provides After-Sales Services for Data Centers and Technical Rooms...

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Technical Audit of CPD's

Auditoría Técnica de CPD's

EMERALD provides Technical Audit Services in order to assess the condition of the Data Processing Centres and Technical Rooms and their Efficiency. Our work method, always adaptable to the Clients’ Needs includes the following phases:

  • Prior analysis of the audit object.
  • Study of the documentation study and preparation of the Work Plan.
  • Analysis of: :

    • Internal architecture
    • Internal Distributions
    • Equipment Obsolesce Studies
    • Electrical installations, Medium and low voltage
    • Thermal and Electrical Load Analysis
    • Power generators
    • Static or Dynamic Uninterruptible Power Supply(UPS)
    • Air Conditioning Facilities.
    • Ventilation and Exhaust Facilities
    • Fire protection facilities
    • Integrated Safety Installations
    • Control Facilities

  • Preparation and drawing up of the Final Report.
  • Follow-up of the Agreed Solutions.
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